Running After Agility

Jet and Chase

I love letting the dogs run after a day of agility. This is from Sunday, the day I left Tatum home. So I just let Chase and Jet run a little bit. Chase always gets the Frisbee when these two run together. If it’s just Jet, then Jet will bring me the Frisbee back. 🙂 Chase is a bit pushy and possessive, though.

These boys don’t need any fat burner pills, they run around enough to burn off a lot of calories. I get to just sit and throw for them. LOL.

I think I need a smaller Frisbee for Jet.  This one is so big that his face is hidden behind it when he gets it.  It’s goofy.  🙂  This is perfect for Chase, though.  And letting Chase stretch his legs after a day of agility is a good release. It might sound odd, since he ran agility all day, five runs, but this is more free and relaxed, where agility is much more structured.

I love to watch them run!

2 thoughts on “Running After Agility”

  1. Ah, I know exactly what you mean! Walter and I always stop at an offleash dog park on the way back from agility trials, at least the ones that end before it gets dark. He loves the opportunity to destress, and he starts barking in the car well before we get there, just to make sure I don’t forget. 😉

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