Tatum Did Agility!

Yay! Tatum did agility! I’m so excited! She did great! She exceeded all my expectations. I kept saying I didn’t really think she was ready, but I was wrong! She’s ready! Well, she’s still pretty darn slow, LOL, but I hope speed will come with time and confidence. I entered her in ASCA agility, prenovice, and I jumped her at 16 inches. There’s no teeter or weaves in prenovice. She can do the teeter, but not the weaves yet, so that was good.

I felt like I was cheer leading her quite a bit, LOL. A lot more than I wanted to. But all in all that’s okay for now. She did all the obstacles in all four of her runs. She had two runs on Saturday and two runs on Monday. I left her home on Sunday so she could rest, she isn’t all that high stamina of a girl! Maybe a testosterone booster would help speed her up a little bit… LOL

ButI was thrilled with how she was. She’s my baby girl, that goofy smooth collie who has come such a long way from when she came to us from the hoarder in Houston, Texas. I’m proud of my girl.

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