Coats and Cats

Jet in his Coat

So Jet had some fun today! I took Chase, Jet and Tatum to flyball practice. Chase loves it, of course. Tatum and Jet got to run around afterward and play. Jet had his coat on, which he isn’t too crazy about, so he rolls around in the grass to get it off. But it won’t come off and he gets too cold without it so on it stays!

I needed some face moisturizers because it was too windy and cold and my face got dry and icky. But Jet had fun and he seemed to stay pretty warm.

After the flyball I took Jet over to my sister’s house to visit her and her cats.  Jet hasn’t been very nice to our cats lately, he wants to play with them, which means barking at them and chasing them around.  And I want him to learn to be nice to cats. He was very, very good! He wanted to chase and bark at them at first but with lots of treats he was learning that you don’t bark and yap at cats to get them to play.  Chloe, my sister’s black fuzzy cat, is very friendly and walked around a lot and Jet followed her. When he would yap at her I’d just put my hand on his back and told him to be quiet, then when he was he got lots more treats. So he was very good!  I have to work with our cats too so that he learns to behave nicely with our kitties!

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