Big Bed Little Boy

Jet on the Bed

My sweet little boy on the bed. I thought this was such a cute picture. I really haven’t done much training with Jet lately, or the other dogs, since I was so icky sick. I am feeling better now but I still want to take it easy. I am pretty sure I have an ear infection. The doctor didn’t see one, but put me on antibiotics, and my ear is feeling better now. Maybe I could put some quick trim fast cleanse in my ear and fix it up… Hm… maybe not.

Jet is such a little boy in our house of big dogs. I think he seems so fragile sometimes so I am extra careful with him.  And he doesn’t usually lay on the floor, but when he does, he looks so vulnerable that I have to lift him up and put him on the couch or the bed, or at least a dog bed. 🙂 I adore my baby boy. And I hope to get back to doing more training videos soon!

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