Lucy Whines In Her Chair


So Lucy has Megaesophagus… which basically means here esophagus doesn’t work anymore. She has to eat a liquid diet and sit in her Bailey’s Chair for 20 minutes after each meal, and she eats 4 times a day. Okay sometimes just 3 if we get lazy and tired. It’s a lot of work. We adore Lucy and do what it takes to keep her fed and happy and healthy.

But sometimes she whines in her chair and we have to sit by her and keep a hand on her for her to be quiet. Sometimes she won’t potty before going into her chair, because she’s a stubborn collie girl… and other times she’ll squiggle too much and get her tail in a bunch and that’s uncomfortable. Maybe we could put a heated blanket under her to keep her more comfortable… but then again, she actually likes the cool tile floor so that might not be a good thing for her.

So we try to keep her comfortable in her chair. It has a 4 inch foam pad on the bottom, and a towel over that so if she leaks (she’s incontinent too) the towel will catch it. But if she goes potty before she goes in the chair, that would be best! Dang she can be stubborn.

Otherwise she’s doing really well. I can’t believe she’s 11 years old already.  Wow.  Time just flies, it seems like yesterday when she came to me from Chicago and landed in the airport and walked out of her crate. I still remember that day vividly.  I love my Lucy Girl.

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