Second UCD Obedience Leg

So Chase and I went and did agility last weekend… DOCNA, and I’ll post more about that later. But we also did a UKC Obedience show Sunday evening. I have to admit, I enjoy obedience with Chase more than I enjoy agility… and so I’m proud that he got a Q in UKC novice obedience. Yay! That’s his second leg. I think so, anyway. I need to contact the UKC and make sure that is the case. I wish they had catalog printing so that I could see our show results, but oh well, I guess I just have to ask them.

He only got a 181, and that’s because his butt didn’t touch the ground on his sits. It was like he was perching and ready to jump an agility jump, or do his start line stay. And since he was fresh off a 2 day agility weekend I can’t blame him too much. I can get mad at him at agility, but I rarely get mad at him in obedience. Go figure. I’m a nut!

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