Chase In Obedience

Chase In The Bed

So this weekend I have Chase entered in AKC Obedience for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I hope he does well… this is my Chase boy on one of our dog beds in the front room. He did really well at the UKC trial last weekend, even after agility, so I hope that he holds it together this weekend for all three days! Those darn 3 minute out of sight sit stays scare me the most, as they seem to for everyone who does obedience.

Hopefully we’ll have some successful obedience stories we an tell with some weight loss success stories after this weekend… though I think I may be too nervous to eat very well this weekend. I dunno, but hopefully we can do good at both obedience and eating!  I don’t think I’m making much sense today in this here blog post… I’m just too nervous about obedience!  Well, the nerves come and go, really.  Hopefully they won’t be too bad tomorrow.  I’d love to get Chase his AKC CDX!

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