Jet’s Been Sensitive

So for the last month or so Jet has been more sensitive than usual. He hasn’t wanted to tug as hard when we train. He hasn’t been as interested in training when we go out. He seems to tire a bit faster than he used to. My trainer and friend tells me this is very common for intact males that are his age, which is about 11 months old now. So I’ve been gentle with him. Just working on fun things that he can be successful at. Nothing that will be too hard that he might feel like he’s failing doing. I want to build his confidence and make sure he knows that he can succeed and have a really good time doing things.

Last night at lessons he seemed to be better! He was tugging more again, and he just felt perkier and like he really wanted to have some fun training! I was thrilled. Today I took him out in the back yard and we did some 2o2o board work for agility. And a little bit of heeling. And I’m starting to teach him to take and hold a dumbbell for obedience. He loves it all. And he even switched over and played tug too, after getting treats. Before, when the treats came out, the play would stop. I really want him to be able to switch back and forth between treats rewards and play rewards so I’m really happy he’s able to do that again!

He is so much fun to work with, and he loves to train. He gets all excited. And he responds so well to the clicker. Maybe with him being a teenager I’ll need to check out acne treatment reviews… LOL fortunately he doesn’t get acne, though I guess some dogs do!

We are getting his heeling straight, too. I use a target stick and point it away from my body so that his body stays in a straight heel position. I need to do some video of him heeling soon. Maybe after next weekend. I have flyball next weekend so I won’t be doing much other than that. But the weather is getting warmer, and the yard is starting to get green, so some video of his heeling would be fun!

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  1. Glad to hear Jet is coming back around! I know what you mean about toys, and being able to switch between toys and food. My Lucy (I know you have a Lucy too!) completely ignores toys once food is brought out and I admit I haven’t worked on “fixing” this at all…
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