11 Months Old

The Park

Well Jet is 11 months old today! Wow. Time flies! I can’t believe it’s been an entire year since I was worrying and wondering if Anni, his Mama, would have a puppy for me! I so adore Jet… he is my baby boy. I will admit it, I baby him. 🙂

I took him to the park for the first time last weekend. He did so well. I was worried that he would get distracted and run off. That he wouldn’t pay attention to me. Or that maybe he would get hurt. He is just so small… and I know, he’s not really all that small, but compared to my 60 pound dogs he is very small! But he did great! He kept in touch with me, came back for treats, and went and explored and had fund doing that too!

I’m not sure how often we will go, since we do so much dog stuff like agility, obedience and flyball. But once in a while we’ll venture to the park for some good doggie play and sniffing.  That may mean we don’t really need fitness equipment, because I’ll be doing a ton of walking instead!

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  1. That’s so great he had a good time, and so did you! We try to plan our walks around places where there are parks so we can stop and play for a bit. It seems your patience in waiting for him really paid off!
    .-= katie´s last blog ..Mugged By A Herd Of Small Children =-.

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