Jet and the Dumbbell

So I’m working on little things with Jet for obedience… and I’ve been working on his dumbbell a little bit lately. Oh my gosh, easiest dog I’ve ever trained to pick up a dumbbell.

Lucy, Levi and Chase all needed squeeze cheese on the bar in order for them to even open their mouths to take it. Tatum too. Jet.. he just started picking it up right away. He is such a fun boy to work with. I’m also working on a hold, but he likes to chew on the dumbbell a bit and not be still. He’ll have to be still in the ring. It’ll come, though.

Then I’ll put them both together, the pick and the hold. I love training the dumbbell. It’s really fun watching the dogs learn and figure it out!

3 thoughts on “Jet and the Dumbbell”

  1. cynthia this great! Love the video as it is so helpful to me as I’m a total newbie.:) Did you start with shaping him to touch the dumbell? I would love to see some even earlier video. Glad all your patience and travels paid off to get your special boy!
    .-= katie´s last blog ..Loose Leash Walking Is Sheer Joy-Even When It Snows! =-.

    1. Hi Katie! Thanks! Yup… I started with him just looking at the dumbbell and clicking that. However, this boy is understanding so fast that we kinda skipped a lot of the stages that I have to do with the collies. He just started to open his mouth for it and take it right away (kinda like it’s a toy).

      If you want to see more videos you can check out I think I’ve put his prior dumbbell videos up there but like I said, he didn’t have to start with a lot of the basics that my collies did! Or even my border collie. LOL

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