One and Three Quarters Mile

Levi and Jet on a Walk
Well I went on our first walk today for our 30 miles in 30 days goal! This is a picture I took on my cell phone of Levi and Jet. I took them both with. Levi because he doesn’t get out as much as he’d like, now that he’s retired from dog sports. And Jet because, well, because he’s the puppy and has the most energy of all my dogs.

I really love getting out in this nice spring weather and getting some exercise. And if I’m going to lose five pounds this month, as is another of my goals, then walking will help. And goals are a good thing… my husband is going to school, and has a goal to get his degree, go through some employment screening, and get a job.. then I can retire (I hope) and he can support me and my dog habit! Oooo I hope that really does happen, but I’m not positive it will. One can hope, though!

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