What I Like About the AKC

Tatum In The Sun
This is a cute picture of Tatum laying in the sun when I was working in the yard the other day. She is a good girl.. though a complete brat, and I just adore her. 🙂

So as for the title of this post. I’ve been to lots of various dog shows and trials in my years in dog sports, and I’m starting to really appreciate the value that the AKC has. I used to bad mouth them and say how they are just a business that wants to make money… and well, maybe that is true. But at the same time they have some really good things about them.

First of all, their shows are run immaculately. They are organized and well planned. Their website has great information that is easily accessible, and you can look up your dog information for free. You can even find information on other dogs. When you get titles, they title certificates are sent out to you quickly. And I’m not all about titles, but titles to me represent all the fun things I’ve done with my dogs, and so yes, I like the certificates. I also LOVE to be at calm well run shows. The obedience is very well done. They have trouble passing rule changes, true… and I think that novice obedience needs something different to make it fun other than a bunch of heeling. And I’d love to see the open out of sight stays done away with. And sometimes rules are slow to change, but at least there is a committee that makes these changes and evaluates what needs to be done. Instead of like some venues (NADAC to be specific) that is run by one woman who makes all the rules and they change so much and are so stupid that it’s just frustrating to even trial with them anymore.

The AKC doesn’t have Lipofuze… and they don’t police puppy mills and back yard breeders. And in this country where spay and neuter legislation is so fought against (I won’t state my opinion about that in this post) maybe they are just supporting the freedom of the breeders. I dunno. I wish there were more ethical breeding, i wish there wasn’t an endless supply of rescue dogs, I wish the AKC could do more about that, but I haven’t read up on it much so I really am not informed enough to offer an opinion.

Some AKC breeds do split into conformation types vs. performance types, but that happens all over the world and the AKC doesn’t have any control over that. I prefer a dog that can work, do it’s job, what it was bred to do, and still be built in a good way. I do wish there were more health regulations in conformation, not just what the dog looks like. Maybe that will come in time.

The AKC is recognized world wide. They are not an FCI member club, but they have an agreement with the FCI and their pedigrees are accepted world wide.

So I dunno, there’s bad about the AKC, but there’s also good about the AKC. So I’m not really as down on them as I used to be.

That’s my 2cents worth about the AKC for today! 😉

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