Trying For That CDX

Well today Chase went into the obedience ring again and we tried to pick up that last CDX leg in AKC obedience.  He was a good boy except for he didn’t heel. The place the show is, is at a huge conformation show, indoors. And so there are a ton of dogs and a ton of people and it’s an extremely distracting environment. And I didn’t get there early enough and heel him around to make sure he knew that was what we were doing.  So he went in the ring and wandered off and didn’t heel at all.  Bleh.  He also laid down on his 3 minute out of sight sit stay.

So I’m glad that I entered him tomorrow too. I figure he will have a good chance of getting 1 leg if I entered him in 2 days. And I will do some heeling tomorrow morning before we go in the ring. And I’ve been working the sit stay too.  I hate those stays. They are awful, and I always apologize to Chase when I ask him to do them, saying I know they are stupid, but was just have to do them. I’d rather go atv riding than do those stays… and I don’t like that either!

So tomorrow, hopefully will go better. 🙂 He’s a good boy. I was only a little mad at him during the heeling. The rest of his work was very nice!

One thought on “Trying For That CDX”

  1. Oh poor Chase, it is hard to heel indoors with so much going on I am sure. At the collie nationals that was indoor and I bet most of those dogs had not trialed indoors and they were so distracted=and if your trial was as noisy as that one, I had trouble concentrating, so I am sure the dogs did. ;=). I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you guys for tomorrow, hope you have a great day and get that CDX!

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