Obedience Is Hard

Jet And The Scrubby Brush

Okay so I kinda mentioned last post that Chase didn’t get that last leg of his CDX at the AKC trial last weekend. He’s a good boy and he tried really, really hard. The first day he was really distracted, and the second day he did awesome, but he laid down on his long sit and that disqualified him. Ugh. I hate those sits and downs! They last for 8 minutes, and going in the ring for the real exercises last less time than that. Every time I train Chase for that sit stay, I apologize to him, saying I know they are dumb!

But anyway, obedience is actually very difficult. My trainer tells me it takes an average of 21 tries in the ring to get a CDX. That’s a lot… and Chase has only been in the AKC ring 5 times now. He nailed his first two, which was great. But now his sits are getting sloppy so I have to give him more information that he needs to sit… he needs to stay in the position I put him in until I release him. It’s hard, it’s not a fun part of obedience. It’s an obedient part, which I guess is reflective of the name. But still… bleh. And this picture of Jet is him not being obedient! LOL. He got my dish washing scrubby brush and of course I had to take a picture of him as I was tugging… taking it away. He is such a goofy boy. Such a sweet puppy. 🙂

Anyway, Obedience is tough, but it’s also a challenge that I love doing. We’ll get it, I have no doubt. Next weekend we are doing ASCA agility and that should be fun, too. I hope to get Chase out of open standard and into Elite. And start working on some of those more elusive Elite titles! And then I won’t have to buy weight loss products, because I’ll be running around getting tired!

2 thoughts on “Obedience Is Hard”

  1. I have not done much obedience since I was a teenager and got a cd with my westie, but I do think it seems way harder especially keeping up the attitude and motivation for the dog. Hey, sounds like you have had fantastic luck so far…with only 5 trials, sounds like things are going great, especially if you are having a good time. I keep trying to learn a little more about obedience, but it is all a mystery to me and I really admire everyone who is out there tackling it, one day I will……;-) then I depend on lots of helpful hints and help, hahahahah.
    .-= Kathy´s last blog ..Mothers day 2010, and thoughts on picking puppies =-.

  2. Not to be too picky, but he NONqualified. He was certainly not DISqualified (which would mean that he wouldn’t be allowed to show again without a successful appeal to the AKC).

    Having done my civic duty 🙂 I can now move onto the important part of my comment — Good Job to both of you. Do not get discouraged, as you’re doing just great. Open is hard, no doubt about it, and you’ve got what it takes to get that CDX.
    .-= SheltieJim´s last blog ..New Feature =-.

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