Training The Contacts

Finally it’s warm enough to get out and do some training with Jet! He is such a good boy. I have an A-Frame at home and I have a teeter (it’s not balanced but oh well). And all that foundation 2o2o (2 on 2 off) training is really paying off.

The teeter was just kinda for fun, to get him on it. When I get to a real teeter we’ll work more tipping point and control and such. And I want a 4-on on the teeter. Since he’s a small dog I don’t want him being flipped off the end. Safe Agility is our goal!

I’m happy with his A-Frame too. I like how he’s rounding the top and gathering up his legs (I made it slow motion at the end of the video). And I like his 2o2o. But I think he’s stutter stepping on the way down too much. Maybe he just needs to get his stride. I would like to see videos of other small dogs doing a 2o2o on the A-Frame, anyone know of any? Since he’s my first small dog I want to get it right! 😉

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