Three Days To Denmark

Jet On A Log

Okay so all Jet’s vet appointments are done for Denmark and Sweden. The USDA Federal Veterinarian said that he would need to get dewormed 24 hours before going into Sweden, if we decide to go there. So I’d have to find a vet in Denmark to do that. But that’s fine, I have some good contacts in Denmark so I’m not worried about finding a good vet if we need too. It’s so nice to already be a part of the Danish Swedish Farmdog community in Denmark and Sweden. I’m so glad I have friends there, even though I have not met them yet!

The Federal Vet wasn’t too happy when we were there, but I think she was just kinda an unhappy person. One of the ladies was really nice and wanted to say hi to Jet. He said hi a little bit, but then he gets too busy and wants to check things out and sniff and stuff so he doesn’t say hi for too long. 🙂

So I only have Thursday, Friday and Saturday left to go. I fear that work, tomorrow, is just going to drag by. Why is it that time compresses and slows right before a trip, and then zooms by afterward? It’s just odd.  Well, I have some work stuff to keep me busy tomorrow. And then Friday I get my nails done at noon, might go to lunch with a friend, and I need to get my contacts lenses polished. I also need to pack. Which will take me all day, and I’m sure I’ll be stressed and my husband will avoid me. But it’ll get done! And I need to stay healthy, take some multiple vitamins so that I’m strong for the trip!

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  1. I am SO excited for you. A really dream vacation, it would be so hard for me to wait these last few days!!!! Sure you dont need someone to go along and carry your bags? LOL.

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