Excitement Getting to Copenhagen

Well, we made it to Copenhagen. The flight out of Salt Lake City was pretty uneventful. However, when we got on the plane, there wasn’t enough room for the carry on luggage and so I gave mine to the flight attendants at the entry of the airplane. Now I’m not worried about this because I do it all the time when I fly domestic and I just get my bag back at the end of the flight. However, I guess it’s different on an international flight or something… because when they took my bag, they were planning on checking it all the way through to Copenhagen, but I had my ticket and passport in it! Ugh! I didn’t know that! So when we landed in JFK I was suddenly short of one very important passport.

So I was in a panic. As you can imagine. I had to get my passport before we flew to Copenhagen. Yeah I know I know, I should have kept it on my person, but I always throw it in my carry-on and just have it with me.  So I guess I was being a dork or something I dunno.

Since they had checked my carry-on… hey had REALLY checked it, right with the other luggage. So they had to go and find it for me.  All the people at JFK were actually really nice and helpful, which was great.  They went searching for my carry-on bag and we only had a 2 hour layover.  We landed early, which was a bit of a help.

I took Jet with me and left Mark with the rest of the baggage. I had to leave the secure area. I figure while I did, I may as well see if Jet would potty. He didn’t want to potty on the pee pads I’d brought. He’s just too well house trained!  So when I went out of security, I also went out of the airport. It seems JFK is small, or it was where were were. And there was even a dog potty area right out the door! So Jet got to pee which was great, he really needed it after the 5 hour flight from Salt Lake to JFK, plus the wait time at the airports. So I was glad he got to pee.

Oh, I am flying Jet as a service dog… don’t ask why, because it’s private and I won’t answer.  But he gets to fly in the cabin and on my lap in the plane, which is awesome.

Well I’m fretting my pants off in the baggage area waiting for my bag.  Our flight was supposed to leave at 7pm out of JFK, and it was getting pretty close to 6:30. The lady helping me told me the flight was delayed until 7:30 so that was good! But yet my bag still hadn’t shown up even at about 6:45.

Finally the lady helping me ran to another terminal, and came back with my bag. Yay!  I was a nervous wreck. Ugh.  I had been waiting for it from when we landed at 5pm, to when we were supposed to take off at 7:30ish. I had to rush back through security with Jet (poor Jet, I was dragging him all over and he did so well).  Fortunately they got me in quick and I got through and then back to the gate, which was close to security.

Of course then the flight was delayed even longer.  So we ended up sitting in line as they fixed the lavatory for another half hour.  And then once in the plane, we waited yet another hour, so we left 2 hours late from JFK to Copenhagen. Ugh!  It was frustrating, but it did work out in the end. And I had my passport and ticket!

Koge, Denmark

So now we are in the Bed and Breakfast. The maps I got from Google were not all that great. Fortunately there was a tourist map along the side of the road near Koge and so we found the B&B just fine. We are beat, of course. The flight from JFK to Copenhagen was 7 hours 20 minutes. It went okay and we were able to sleep a little bit. And they fed us which was nice. And Jet slept on my lap most of the time. It was a short night, and now we are 8 hours earlier than we were in Utah. So we are sitting here dozing and watching TV but we don’t understand most of it. 🙂 We are such dorky tourists! LOL

Before sitting down we took a walk to the nearby beach. These first pictures are of the B&B we are staying in tonight. Tomorrow we will head to Vejle. This B&B is really nice, the hostess is friendly and helpful. And the Beach is close. The weather is pretty nice. We are in jeans but we are pretty hot. I think it’s my 70ish.
The B&B We are in the basement of the house. There are two rooms, a full kitchen, and the quietest washing machine I have ever heard. 🙂 There’s also a full bathroom with a shower.

Mark in the B&B

Jet had fun on the beach and got to play with a Staffie already. 🙂

Jet on the Beach

Of course I took a ton of pictures of Jet on the beach.

Jet in the Water

And the lady with the Staffie, when I said Jet was a Danish Swedish Farmdog, she knew what the breed is! LOL

Jet in the Water

So I am dead tired, I think it’s time to go to sleep and wake up tomorrow morning. We hope to wake up. LOL… I mean, in the morning, and not in the middle of the night when our bodies would normally wake up in Utah.  It’s just after 5pm here now.  I don’t even remember what time it is back home.  😉

Jet Rolling

I hope this post makes sense… my mind is pretty fried.  I was able to sleep a couple hours in the plane, but not really that much. Time to take out my contacts and get into bed and sleep!

7 thoughts on “Excitement Getting to Copenhagen”

  1. Welcome to Europe! 🙂 See you and your handsome little boy in a couple of days! Remember feeding him with lots of pancakes & pasta during the meantime… 😉

  2. ok, there is just too much to say on how exciting your trip sounds, but the two things I know for sure is Jet is an awesome boy to hang through all that! And “fretting [your] pants off in the baggage area” probably won’t calm the nerves any!LOL

    Glad your having fun-maybe I should go to england so someone will know what breed maizey is.:-)))

  3. WOW, that made me sweat just thinking about the stress that must have given you with your passport! YIKES! Glad the plane people (OK I know there has to be a better word for them…, LOL), were helpful, glad you did not have a heart attack when you figured out your passport had got checked on. Wow, Jet is a friendly guy, overseas for just hours and he has already made a friend!!!! Glad you got there ok, and looks like you are having fun. —Kathy/bc liz/breeze/cricket

  4. Wow that sounds like a pretty crazy trip! Any time you ever have any hang ups at the airport no matter what its always a pain in the you know what. You have some great pics though of Denmark, the beach and of course Jet! take care!

  5. Wow, what an adventure already! So glad everything worked out. Gorgeous photos of Jet on the beach. Looking forward to your next post.

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