Dog Show in Fredericia, Denmark

Today we went to Fredericia, Denmark, to show in the Danish Swedish Farmdog Club of Denmark’s show (dang that is a long club name LOL). It was interesting and we saw a lot of Farmdogs! There were 69 entered. These pictures are from the breeders group. Jet’s breeder, Stolta Ebbas, had enough dogs to enter the breeder group. This is Jet, his litter mate, and another of the Stolta Ebbas dogs, Caesar. Caesar is 2 years old.

Breeder Group - Danish Swedish Farmdogs, Denmark

The judge didn’t like Jet much at all. Unfortunately. But if you look at Jet, and then at other Farmdogs, Jet is a lot more lanky and leggy. He’s not so stout and broad as the other Farmdogs. I’ll get some other pictures of the other Farmdogs up probably when I get home so you can compare.

Breeder Group - Danish Swedish Farmdogs, Denmark

There are various ratings for the dogs… the best is Excellent, then there is Very Good. Then Good, then Satisfactory. Then there are a few worse than that… but Jet got Satisfactory. Which is very bad. ๐Ÿ™ But it’s really because he’s young and hasn’t filled out and gotten broad. So I think when he’s about 4 or 5 I’ll have to come back, rent an RV for a month or two, and drive around Sweden and Denmark and enter him in some shows and get his Danish Championship and his Swedish Championship. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think that’d be fun!

Breeder Group - Danish Swedish Farmdogs, Denmark
Breeder Group - Danish Swedish Farmdogs, Denmark
Breeder Group - Danish Swedish Farmdogs, Denmark

I also posted some different pictures on Facebook…

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So.. I heard, many years ago about agility and dog competitions, that no matter what happens in the ring, you always get to leave with the best dog there. And that is the truth, I think Jet is the best dog, and I love him very much!

5 thoughts on “Dog Show in Fredericia, Denmark”

  1. what a great post! he may have been satisfactory to the judge, but we know in your family he takes excellent every time! have fun!

  2. Hey, Jet is just ahead of his time and built for SPEED! Long and lanky and built for real work, although he is so young I bet he will mature and grow into his legs. WE all KNOW he is definitely an EXCELLENT rating to all of us, and to you especially which is what is important. How neat to see all those Swedish Farmdogs, that must have been so much fun.

  3. I hope you get this cuz I called TMobile and the reason you cant use your phone is cuz when you did the chat service w/them for some reason the chat was accidently dropped and the free international service never added. So I called them and they added it, so you should be able to use your cell now ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you lots, and send me a text ! I’ll pay for it, heeheehee.
    C and S XXOXOXXO

  4. So much lovely words! :o) In fact, Jet has promising and good qualities. He will mature well in time – allยดin accordance with what the breed standard states. Just be patient. :o)

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