To Sweden Then Back To Denmark

Well, we made it to Sweden and back to Denmark! It was awesome, I’m so glad that we went. I got to see where Jet grew up, and his relatives… his Mom Anni and his brother Ewert. And all the other Stolta Ebbas Danish Swedish Farmdogs!

Jet on the Ferry

We took a Ferry from Demark to Sweden. Jet really has been a world traveler this trip. The above picture is of me and Jet on the Ferry watching the sights go by. He really seemed to want to see, too. I had to pick him up so that he could see over the railing and he just watched and watched. 🙂

Jet Sleeping in the Ferry

The Ferry ride was over 3 hours, so we were able to get into the lounge and sit and relax. I read my book, while Jet and Mark slept on the uncomfortable chairs. When are they going to make sleeping areas for us so that we can lay down? Airplanes and Ferry’s really need them!

Mark and Jet

It is so amazing to travel with a dog. I’ve had no problems at all. And no one has even asked to see any paperwork, even though I have a stack an inch thick. Not even in Sweden where I heard it’s hard to get everything the dog needs. I even took Jet and got him dewormed in Denmark before we went to Sweden, and it cost like $60. UGH. In the US it would maybe have cost $20, probably even less!

Jet and his Brother

The above picture is of Jet and his litter mate brother Ewert! Aren’t they cute? They actually look pretty different now. Jet is thinner and leaner and hasn’t filled out as much. Ewert is more solid. And he is so very sweet and very agile. He jumps right into your lap when you sit at the dinner table! So does Jet at home… hehe, I think it’s cute. I really wanted to bring another dog home… but I couldn’t let myself. I have to concentrate on the dogs I have now. Even though it was oh.. so tempting, I would love another Farmdog!!!

Jet is in the Middle with the Toy

Jet had a blast playing in Erika’s property. She has 5 acres and it’s all fenced so the dogs won’t run off. Well it’s fenced around the house anyway, but that itself is huge, and it has lots of fun things for the dogs to explore. But at the end of the day, Jet still wanted to be with me. He is such a loving, wonderful boy. And I’m so lucky to have him!

Tomorrow we are going to Copenhagen and tour the city. Hopefully we can bring Jet on the train as we’d rather take the train than drive. We’ll see how it goes. I should be able to post one more time tomorrow night. Then we get on the airplane and head for home on Saturday. It’ll be a long day and a short day at the same time. We leave at 2pm and get home at 11pm Salt Lake time… but we’ll be in the air for many, many hours. I hope the time goes by fast!

4 thoughts on “To Sweden Then Back To Denmark”

  1. What an awesome trip you are having! It’s so exciting to follow your journey. Watching you take jet everywhere makes me want to be able to take my girls everywhere too! Congrats on the blue ribbon! Ribbons are always exciting.:)

  2. What a great trip, but gosh you have to have a lot of will power, I would so be coming home with another dog, LOL, although it would not be the best decision in the world, because like with my pup Cricket I know how much work is still ahead of us and I want to make sure to do best by her…sure you feel the same about all your dogs and about Jet, but, I would be into the vacation mode and seeing all those great Swedish Farmdogs…..LOL, it would be so tempting…hahahaha. Jet looks so happy. Hope you guys have a fantastic trip home!!!!

  3. i’m so glad y’all went to sweden. looks like jet is having as much fun as you are. isn’t it nice to be places where they tolerate dogs so well. hope your trip home is uneventful!

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