Last Day In Denmark – Copenhagen

So it’s our last day in Denmark. We took the train to Copenhagen today to see the city. It was really fun. And we were even able to buy a train ticket for Jet… actually, it would have been nice to have him on for free, lol, but at least they allow dogs on the trains. And he did really well, wasn’t even an issue for him, just like everything else this trip.

Me and Jet
Me and Jet

He made me nervous walking along the edge of this dock. I was a worried Mom, but he is so sure footed he wouldn’t fall in. I always worry he’ll fall into the sinks, or is that into the drink? LOL I forget the joke.

Copenhagen, Denmark

We saw the pretty city today and walked for six hours. We were very tired at the end. We bought some more trinkets and things to bring back to friends and family. Hopefully our suitcases will not weigh over the 50 lb weight limit. We also spent most of our Danish Crowns so we have no money left.

Jet and the Lion
Jet and the Lion

It is so completely fun traveling with a dog. Jet’s been so easy. Getting so much socialization and exposure to so many things. When he gets tired, though, he gets a little skittish around people who surprise him. But that’s to be expected, I think. Hey I get skittish around people too!

Jet Rolling
Jet Rolling In The Grass

So we go 1/3 the way around the world… and what does Jet do? He rolls in the grass like he does at home. Sniffs dogs’ buts. Plays with dogs, eats dog food, chases leaves in the wind, and does all his other doggie things he could do at home. LOL. But he did travel on planes, trains, automobiles, and a Ferry too this trip. And he doesn’t do that at home!

I think he has had a great time. Now for my last worry, getting him home on the plane tomorrow. The flight is long, and I feel bad when he can’t really get out to potty. And he’s so well house trained that he won’t potty indoors. Maybe we’ll have enough time at the JFK airport that we can run out to the pet area again. Getting back through security is the hard part.

So this is my last post from Denmark. Next post will be back in the good old USA. Though I plan on sleeping all of Sunday and Monday to recover from vacation, so I might not post for a bit! 🙂

Oh and here are more pictures on Facebook, everyone should be able to see them:
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3 thoughts on “Last Day In Denmark – Copenhagen”

  1. good luck on the flight back, hope it goes really well, I am sure it will. Jet is so cool, who cares where you are, he just relaxes and lives like he usually does. What a good boy!

  2. I’ve really enjoyed following along on your and Jet’s adventure and am glad it has gone so well. Safe travels home.

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