More Pictures of Denmark

I think for a while I’ll be posting random pictures of Denmark that I haven’t posted before. 🙂 This picture is from a place we went to near Vejle. The guy who built these windmills built them all by hand. It was amazing. They are all small versions and they all work. Walking around them and seeing them was incredible. I don’t think I brought Jet with this time though… he rarely stayed home, but sometimes he did. 🙂

No POS systems here… just manual construction and workings. I’m going to put a DVD together of the pictures, and some video too. Not sure I’ll post it all on YouTube but maybe I’ll put a smaller version up! 🙂

The trip was awesome. I want to go back already. Though my body is starting to adjust to this time. I went to the dog park this morning… got up at 5:30 am. LOL. That is way early for me for a holiday day. So I took Jet, Levi and Tatum to the park at 7. Then I went to some agility training at 10 with Chase and Jet. Chase loved it, he hasn’t been out of the house for two weeks! He was bored.

Now everyone is happily sleeping. Jet is on my lap, making it hard to type. 🙂

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