Jet Needs Eye Drops

Jet in Fredericia, Denmark
Jet in Fredericia, Denmark
This picture is of Jet on a dock in Fredericia, Denmark. Isn’t he a handsome boy! Of course he is. 🙂

so anyway, Jet needs eye drops. Ugh. He was fussing at his right eye for a few days. It started the day after we got back from Denmark. Not sure if he picked something up there, or after we got home. Either way, my husband took him into the vet today. And he might have a viral infection in his eye so she gave us drops.

Well, Jet hates the drops. So I’m trying to convince him to let me put the drops on his face with a clicker and some pepperoni. Actually, now I’m just trying to get the darn bottle near his face. However, it’s critical that we get the drops in, because this could be contagious to the other dogs and we don’t want that. So we might have to push him a bit harder than he wants. I feel bad for the poor boy. He doesn’t understand why we have to put icky drops in his eyes. I hate eye drops too!

Also, the vet got a tick out of him under his right ear. Bleh. I thought it probably came from Denmark, but now I remember I took him to Tanner Park on Monday in the morning. So he could have gotten it there. And the vet said that it didn’t have much blood in it yet so that’s good. And Levi got a tick at Tanner once, in his foot. I wonder if ticks and acne are related… but I don’t think so.

So anyway, off to see if we can get some drops in Jet’s poor eye. Ugh. Poor baby boy!

2 thoughts on “Jet Needs Eye Drops”

  1. I haven’t been by in a while. Keep forgetting if I don’t see the banner. Glad you advertised on Adgitize so that I remembered. Sorry about Jet.

  2. Amazing he could have picked up anything after all the vets visits and all Jet went through to get into the country! So sorry about the eye drops, hope the clicker and peperoni gets Jet to relax enough to make the whole thing less traumatic.

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