Lateral Movement and Heeling

Okay so I was able to video Jet a little bit doing some laterally movement and some heeling. I’m so proud of his heeling! He is such a good boy. He’s really starting to get the ‘IN’ that we’ll need on those left turns and figure 8s.

I hope to get him to learn the lateral front movement too but I haven’t worked it since this day which was a couple of days ago now. But I think he can get it. I always get impressed by dogs that can hold such a nice front.

So hopefully we won’t need any fat burner supplements since we are getting our butts outside and working our stuff! Oh and I’m eating better too. 🙂 And dropping my Denmark weight, thank goodness.

Anyway Jet is such a good boy!

One thought on “Lateral Movement and Heeling”

  1. fantastic lateral movement and Jet is doing some great heeling it looks like. What a good boy he is! You have to be so proud of him.

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