Give Me Hooves

Jet and Muffit
Okay so I’m done with feet. Well I wish I had a choice, but, I don’t, because I’m human, and we haven’t developed prosthetic strong metal type ankles and feet yet.

Monday i went out jogging and was just fine and then came home, and walking from the street, on our front lawn grass, from the street to the house, I stepped in a hole and twisted my right ankle. I went down, swore, and heard a crack. UGH. Jet and Chase didn’t know what was up with me.

So now I have a sprained right ankle to match my sprained left ankle. I sprained my left back in October 2007 doing agility. For the last three or so months it’s been hurting again… the left one. So I’ve been wearing my brace and taking care of it. Well now the right one is out.

Maybe some dental discounts would help me, or some stupid joint discounts even. I went to the doc today and had both ankle’s x-rayed. He said they look okay, though I have some bone spurs and some arthritis. But they are minor. But he didn’t really address any soft-tissue things. Maybe I need to make the trek back out to the sports doctor and ask him. This doc, a family doc, said to keep weight bearing on it, so keep walking on it, but keep my activites lower. So probably no agility for a while. Agility has got to be the worst dog sport for human ankles.

So if I had hooves, maybe that’d be better. I could be a Satyr and not have to worry about feet. Though I know, I know, feet give us a lot of mobility that hooves don’t. But still, I hate how they can be so weak, and I hate pain!

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