Heading to Idaho Falls

Jet and Chase
Well, work is over and I’m heading up to Idaho Falls this weekend for AKC obedience. Hopefully Chase will get that CDX, but I’m worried about it. Bleh. I hate worrying about obedience. I also have to repost a couple of posts her on Tip Tail but that will happen probably tomorrow or the next day. I know, I’m slow, oh well. Sorry about that. 🙂

I won’t need any diamond engagement rings up in Idaho… but I do want some Q ribbons! Tatum is in Rally, too. She seems to have regressed a bit lately into some more shyness so I hope she does okay. My poor special needs rescue girl. I adore her, I do push her, but without a little push she’d be a bubble dog and would be too afraid to leave the house. So a little push is a good thing. As long as it involves lots of Tuna Brownies!

I hope to have internet there and be able to post about our Obedience.

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