My Ankles Are Still Bad

Jet in his Cool Coat
Ugh. I’ve been sick for a while now… I only get sick a couple of times a year, really, but when I do I get really bad. And it takes me a couple of weeks to get back on my feet again. So I’ve actually been staying off my feet for a while. Mainly because I’m sick, but my ankles don’t really seem like they are heeling up at all either.

I took Levi on a really short 20 minute walk yesterday. I woke up this morning at 4am and both my ankles just hurt like crazy. Down the outside, below my ankle bones, and towards my toes. I wonder what is going on. Maybe I need to go to a sport doctor or a specialist or something. It’s like I have damaged a tendon or something on the same place on both of my ankles. Does that mean they are weak? Or what? I dunno.

I want to go swimming again. I haven’t been because even small activity has been hard on me. Guess I won’t need a Texas truck accident lawyer because I just want to stay home and not go out. Though I hope to do some agility with Jet and Tatum on Saturday. And I entered Chase in an AKC agility trial this weekend. Our first in months. I want to see if our Stacy workshops have paid off and see if my handling is any better. Maybe we can pull off an excellent Q, I really would love that.

Anyway, I hate being in pain. I want my ankles to heel up. The doc said to keep weight bearing on them, but not to twist them, and that’s exactly what I’ve done. But still they hurt. I think at about age 35 we just need to start replacing body parts, they just wear out so dang fast.

3 thoughts on “My Ankles Are Still Bad”

  1. sorry you’ve been laid up! That is just no fun at all.

    And that is a cool coat Jet has on. There must be a story behind that one, it looks like “king Jet” in his official robes.” LOL Very cute boy.

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