The Vibe Of A Dog Trial

Chase's Picture of a Picture

This weekend I tried Chase in an AKC agility trial. It’s the first one I’ve put him in, probably in about 10 months. We have a really hard time qualifying in AKC because of the tight courses. I wanted to test my handling since we’ve been going to a lot of Stacy Workshops over the last few months, to see if I’d gotten any better.

The good news, yes I’ve gotten a lot better. The bad news, I haven’t gotten better enough to qualify him. He qualified in FAST both days, but that’s not too hard since distance comes so naturally to him and he jumps so wide, and he’s a tunnel suck so tunnel distance challenges are hardly challenges. On Saturday he got a 79 out of 80 in FAST, and on Sunday he got a 76. Not too bad. His time was fast, too, which is typical for him.

JWW and Standard are a different story. Too many knocked bars, a few off courses… and I just don’t train with him enough to really pursue it. I think we’ll stick with ASCA and work on that ATCH. Chase is a good boy, but sometimes people just don’t think quick enough for things. I am one of those people. I hope Jet will do better for me when he starts competing.

Anyway as for the title of this post… I was talking to some friends at the trial about training, and how hard it is to duplicate a trialing environment. And we kinda thought that maybe it’s impossible. Maybe there is some kind of vibe, maybe some pheromones, maybe some type of energy signature that the dogs pick up on at a real trial. And maybe, even if I had a holodeck like on Star Trek, it still couldn’t be duplicated because there wouldn’t be real people and real dogs with real personalities, bodies, and spirits. It’s an interesting theory, anyway. I still wish I had a holodeck to try it out on.

Maybe I just need to throw Chase into some Duramax Vinyl Storage Sheds and let him figure that out… LOL I never could, of course. He’s a good boy. He’d do better with a handler that can think faster. But I don’t know if I’ll ever be that handler. Even if I’m not, I’m not going to beat myself up about it. Not today, anyway. I am a good person and do well with my dogs and it doesn’t mean I’m any less valuable as a human being just because I have troubles handling a fast dog in agility. So there. 🙂

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  1. It absolutely does not! Personally, I have no idea how those people with super-fast dogs can do it. My dogs give me plenty of time to think, which definitely makes the handling easier in some ways. My brain just wouldn’t fire fast enough to handle a crazy-fast dog! And I’ve seen a lot of people struggle trying to handle their crazy-fast dog. So don’t beat yourself up about it at all, ‘k? I’ve no doubt Chase is still having fun out there, and you love him to bits, Q or not, and that’s what matters most.

  2. chase is a good boy and is darned fast. you’re both having fun and that’s what counts. there definitely is a vibe any place a lot of people get together for a common reason. and you are giving off vibes, too. dogs are so amazing at picking up our moods and the moods around them, that it would be impossible to duplicate the ‘feel’ of a trial without trialing. you are a good trainer and have great dogs. don’t worry about how fast you think you need to think.

  3. Yeah, it’s frustrating when the dogs do so well and run so fast and train so beautifully at home, but it’s just not the same at a trial. However, I like the vibe of a trial. I enjoy the energy and seeing friends and I truly believe the dogs are better off with the stimulation. Otherwise, they are just laying around the house, and my high energy dogs need something better to do.

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