When We Were Just Four

Four Pups

I’ve been looking at old pictures lately… I have my Macbook set up to use my photo folders as my screen saver. It’s a dangerous thing… because I can just sit and watch it for hours. 😛 Well maybe not hours, but for a good long time that’s for sure.

Makes me think about term life insurance and getting old and stuff. Especially since many of the pictures have Angel in them. And yeah I still cry quite often because she’s gone and I’ll never see her in this life again. It still makes me sad. Though I know she’s not in pain anymore. And I have to remember her when she was alive and happy and full of life.

Anyway, so this picture is of me and my husband and the four we had at the time… Lucy, Levi, Angel and Chase. Boy did Chase look out of place with the three smooth blue collies. LOL. Now we have more different breeds so he fits in a bit better. 🙂

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