Angel in 2006

Sweet Angel

Okay, and so my last post I talked a little about Angel, and so I went looking for more pictures of her. All I have left of her is pictures now… and yes, I’m crying as I type this. Not a lot… just a few tears, but I still miss her so much. She died on May 13th of this year and she’ll always be a part of my heart and soul. And I still will look around the house for her. Maybe try to feed her. Wonder where she is when I get home. And when the neighbors take out the garbage, I expect her to bark at the noise of the garbage can all the way down the driveway.

I have to remember her when she was young and healthy. I want to remember her barking, her letting me chase her around the house with a sock or anything else she could find. The silly way she would tuck up her but when I’d scritch her and chase her around. She never ran fast, so I always had to just walk behind her and say “I’m gonna get you!” and just pretend like I was chasing her. She loved it. I think it was her favorite game.

She also loved Pig Ears. They were her favorite yummy treat. She didn’t much like rawhide or bully sticks though. So we gave her the Pig Ears when we could.

She’ll always be my sweet baby girl.

And so I try to think about other things too, like it’s fall, and there’s football, and maybe a football gift would cheer me up. But then I don’t really care about much other than the dogs. They are my best friends and I love every single one of them.

Oh yeah and this picture is of Angel on a camping trip. Probably coming home from one, with her head resting on the seats of the Outback.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Angel in 2006”

  1. Its true you never stop missing them! Each one hold such a physical presence in our homes and lives, that when they are gone it is like a physical hole in the spaces we live in. It’s a nice idea to go back and gather pictures of them. I did so with Little Man and hopefully someday I can do that with Meeka too. For now it is too raw. . . in time I’m sure I will. Who knows maybe someday I will make them each their own page on the blog! Now there’s an ambitious plan! 🙂

  2. Reading this with tears…..we DO miss them so! Their lives are so dang short and it never seems long enough. Kachina gone almost 3 years now. So hard for me to believe. As we have talked and shared how much they bring into my life. I would be here doing what I do with my dogs and meeting all you fun “dog loving people” if it weren’t for my wonderful Kachina. Angel is just that….an Angel you had to love and she loved you back with all she had. Love them soooooo, don’t we??? HUGS TO YOU CYNTHIA

  3. ;-(, when I lost my sheltie Maggie last year little things were so hard, setting out the bowls for dinner, looking at the spot she laid…. So hard to lose these guys…. ((HUGS)) —-Kathy

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