Top Flight Premier

Chase Resting

Well, my goofy Border Collie boy, Chase, got a new U-FLI flyball title last weekend.  He reached is 9,500 points mark and now he has his Top Flight Premier Title. Woo!  This is much happier to think about than Angel, like my last post… however, thinking of Angel kinda makes me happy too, since I am so grateful she was part of my life.  Dang there’s those darn tears again.

So anyway Chase loves flyball. He even held a Stand Stay in the lanes when I had to go talk to the box loader. LOL he’s a goof. It was hard for him and I didn’t make him wait long. Flyball is Chase’s favorite sport by far. Not much thinking, just flat our running in super high drive. I don’t think he’d do very well in medical assistant school even though he’s a Border Collie and is probably smart enough for it. 😉

So flyball was fun. The weekend of the 24-27th we’ll be in Grand Junction, Colorado, for the DOCNA agility championships. That’ll be fun too. Then in October we are going to the Jumps N Jackpots Flyball Tournament held by Touch N Go. That will also be fun. No obedience for a while, much to Chase’s happiness!  😉

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