Lucy Is Eating Well

megaesophagus dog

megaesophagus dog
Lucy in her Chair
A few days ago I decided to take some new pictures of Lucy in her chair. She is such a good girl. She eats three or four times a day. She sits in her chair for 20 minutes after she eats each time. She’s actually our best dog to have Megesophagus… because she’s the most patient, and she puts up with the chair.

I accidentally tried to put Levi’s but in the chair a while back. LOL. He was confused. I was getting the butt of the wrong smooth blue collie. It would take him a while to really get used to it. But he probably could, too. Not sure about the other dogs.

This is a disease I never want to have to deal with again. Lucy is wonderful and happy and her weight stays up, but she regurgitates often, especially at night, and we are worried about her aspirating. She hasn’t yet, and hopefully never will. I think we are lucky with her because lots of dogs will aspirate into their lungs, get infections, and die. So far… that hasn’t happened to Lucy.

She doesn’t need any diet pill reviews though, she eats all she can. She’s slowing down, she limps still in her front leg, but she’s happy. She’ll be 12 next February… which I think is doing well for a collie. There was a time when I didn’t think she’d make 9 years old. So I’m thrilled that she’s almost 12. 🙂 She’s the cornerstone of our pack. Our pack Marm, so I don’t even want to think of her leaving us.

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  1. Wow, you are such a wonderful doggie mom and so patient, when I read what you post about Lucy I just feel how much you love her. Bless her heart for being such a good girl and so patient, she sure got more to deal with that a puppy should, glad you are there to help her!—-kathy

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