Lucy and Levi

Levi and Lucy

Levi and Lucy
Levi and Lucy
Well today has been a nice down day. Yesterday my sister came over and we had a garage sale. That was a ton of work. I’m glad it’s over, glad we only did it for one day.

The other day when I did the photo shoot… strangely enough, I took pictures of some of our dogs other than Jet too. LOL This is Lucy and Levi, our old pair… Lucy is almost 12, and Levi will be 11 in November. Dang… these two used to be the young ones, and they no longer are. I am so glad they are alive and well, though.

Maybe we should use some hgh supplements on our dogs, or ourselves, but we pretty much just feed them a good diet, give them lots of love and good medical care. So far… so good. Lucy has megaesophagus, but she’s still doing well.

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