Going to the DOCNA Championships!

Chase Kitchen
Chase Kitchen
Chase Kitchen

Well, tomorrow I’m headed off with Chase to the DOCNA Agility Championships! I’m pretty excited that he qualified this year. We’ve never been to a Championships before so I think it’ll be fun. It’s going to be in Grand Junction, Colorado, which is pretty close. It’s only 5 hours from us. And we’ll be stopping in Richfield to pick up my friend Marie and her dog Zoe. As they qualified too and we’re gonna have a fun trip!

This pictures is of Chase impatient to go do agility again. 🙂 He got to do a Stacy workshop on Monday which he just loved, and he is really so very good at it. Hopefully we’ll get some Qs this weekend and get to go to the finals on Sunday.  I don’t have too high of hopes, though… because I’m not the best handler in the world, even though Chase is an awesome dog. 🙂

I didn’t sent out announcements of the Championships… nor would I send out baby shower invitations if I was going to have a baby… but maybe I’d send out puppy announcements. LOL If we ever have a litter! But I think a lot of people know we are going. There are 9 of us from Utah, that seems like a lot to me, and one of the gal’s made t-shirts so I’ll come home sporting a few new t-shirts too!

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