Chase’s DOCNA Championship Ribbons

Chase at DOCNA Championships

Well we had fun at DOCNA Championships in Grand Junction, Colorado! Chase was a good boy and did good. I only got made at him… err… I think once. LOL that is pretty good for me. He can really push my buttons, that boy. And he’s so fast, if he blows me off it can really irk me. But he did good, even though he dropped a couple of bars. And there was some serious competition in the 20″ class. There always is, though. The 20″ class has got to be one of the toughest classes to compete in.

On Friday Chase had a fun Jumpers run… he didn’t get a placement (there are no Qs) because he took some extra jumps way off and did a whole big loop. It was kinda cute and if you weren’t watching closely, you’d have think he did a really good job. 🙂 So that put him out of the running on that day. And I was a bit nervous too, because we were going to run that and Snakes and Ladders at about the same time. And we did have to go run Snakes and Ladders right after Jumpers, so that kinda muffed my brain up.

Then we ran a Standard course too, and I don’t even remember how that went, but I don’t think we did very well with that, either. We also had a Gamblers course, and Chase did pretty good at that. Though he knocked a bar in the gamble, which I thought put us out of the running. But, since there’s no Qs, just placements, we still got 3rd place and got our first ribbon of the weekend.

Chase and Dare

On Saturday we did the North American Challenge first thing, and Chase did pretty well on that. He had some spinning when I didn’t grab his head fast enough (which is common for me) and so he only got 3rd place on that one too. But, it’s the big cool class. LOL. So he got 3rd place in the Western Region. The East Coast pushed us out of placements by one, so he could have been fourth place nation wide which is kinda neat.

We also got a Third Place in Trigility on Saturday, and we got a second place in Jumpers on Saturday, so that was fun. But, we didn’t end up getting into the finals for Sunday, so that was a bummer. He got to run the Strategic Time Gable on Sunday but we didn’t do much in that either. Competition was too tough.

So we took home four ribbons, which is 3 more than I was even hoping for. LOL. He did a good job. This weekend is a rest weekend, then next weekend we’ll go to an ASCA trial. I hope we’ll do well there! Gotta work on some ASCA ATCH points. 🙂

Oh and I had to include this picture of Chase and Dare chewing bully sticks on the bed in the hotel room. Usually Chase is too much of a resource guarder and will growl and carry on. But he was a good patient boy with Dare. And, the Motel 6 had wood floors, they were so neat. No wood blinds but the drapes did just fine. I felt like the wood floors were a lot cleaner and nicer than carpet!

2 thoughts on “Chase’s DOCNA Championship Ribbons”

  1. What a great idea for the hotel to have wood floors, you are so right that seem like it would be able to be so much clleaner Sounds like you had a great trial, whoo hoooo and huge congrats. Good luck next weekend!

  2. Okay, so this is strange and random I know, cause I am super excited for how well Chase did-4 ribbons is great!!! But I was most exited to see a hotel with wood floors.LOL:P I hate carpet, it really grosses me out in hotels, which I am not at all that fond of anyways. So wood floors seems great to me!

    BUt of course what really matters is what a great weekend you all had. It seemed like such a fun weekend, I wish I was there! Maybe next time. Congratulations!

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