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You know sometimes I really toy with the idea of paying someone to design my websites for me.  Not necessarily this one, but I have a site, UtahDogs.com, that I’d love to get a professional design for.  I’ve been looking at this Internet Retail Connection site and they seem to do some really nice work.

They have a portfolio that has some really nice looking sites with good layout on them.  I like the colors and the layouts. I’m always so picky about the layout of my sites… and the colors. I usually don’t like too much color, though right now this blog, Tip Tail, has a lot of color on it and it’s making me happy for now.  🙂

The Internet Retail Connection Company even has a page all about who they are, which I like, because it makes me think they are a personal site with a good connection to their customers.  And they look friendly and like a good team of people.

So I’m going to think about it some more.  Do some research on what kind of web design layouts they do, and if they have any experience doing dog related, or pet related, websites.  And they have some great customer reviews, too!

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