Yes I Own an Intact Male – and Yes I Am So Against Breeding

Jet Stacked
Jet Stacked
Jet Stacked

Okay I’m not totally against breeding. There are some dang good breeders out there that produce very nice, quality, healthy dogs. I am against backyard breeders and people who just willy-nilly say that they are going to breed their dogs.

I was at Petco today and had Jet with me. And it does kinda get annoying to say, 10 times, that no, he’s not a Jack Russel Terrier, he’s not much like a Terrier, he’s a Danish Swedish Farmdog. πŸ™‚ But that doesn’t really annoy me as much as the lady with the super fat JRT who saw Jet, who is intact, and said that they are going to breed their sausage JRT soon because won’t that be fun?

What do I say? No, it won’t be fun. Don’t breed your ugly fat JRT, please. Don’t be a backyard breeder. Go work in a shelter for a month then think about it.

I think, when I get that comment, which I probably will get a lot since it’s pretty obvious that Jet is intact… that I need some good questions. I kinda just want to be rude and say “well you’re an idiot then, don’t breed your dog.” LOL but that’ll just turn people off. LOL.Β  I think I need to ask some good questions like:

1. So you have done extensive testing on your dogs hips, genetics, and health?
2. So you have done a lot of research into who you want to mate your dog to?
3. Do you have puppy buyers lined up for the puppies your will produce?
4. Do you have a contract so that any puppies that don’t work out, will be returned to you?
5. Do you know how many pure bred dogs of your breed are euthanized every year in US shelters?

Okay maybe #5 would be rude. LOL.
So good friend readers, I’d love some more comments on what to say to people.

I do hope to breed Jet someday. But if there’s anything wrong with him, I won’t take it personally if he never breeds. And he is from an excellent breeder who does a ton of research. And if I do end up breeding him, it will be after a great deal of advice, help, and research on my own part to find a good female for him. And, there’s only about 150 Danish Swedish Farmdogs in the USA, so breeding him would be to contribute the betterment and the advancement of the breed.

Your typical stupid backyard breeder isn’t going to understand all this. I know that. But I just want to smack them upside the head and take their dog and spay or neuter it right then and there. Ugh. People are just so stupid.

So for me, walking around with an intact male, I may not have an argument against breeding… however, I actually think I do. I just have to find the right argument. πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “Yes I Own an Intact Male – and Yes I Am So Against Breeding”

  1. I totally understand. I get that all of the time with my boy.” Oh, he’s a nice springer. I have a springer and I want to breed her.” No he’s not available to stud, and do your research. I am not against breeding, as I have had some nice litters. I am against all of the dogs that should not be bred. If the right dogs, who had all of the research and testing done are bred, and all of these backyard breeders were not breeding, there would not be the problem there is today.

  2. My dog Rugby is intact as well, but I have no plans to breed him at all. A couple people still ask, but it isn’t because they can see his testicles (too much hair :p). It is annoying, I just tell them I am not interested in breeding him.

    I think if you go into attack mode they won’t learn anything. If it is a maltese they are looking to breed I may just name a local maltese person off the top of my head and tell them to get in touch with them. If they care enough to look into that person, then maybe they will take it to heart when they get denied.

  3. I still wish I had had the option to keep my lab intact Because he was a guide dog puppy that choice wasn’t mine, and I wouldn’t have ever bred him. He was the most wonderful intact male I had ever met!

  4. Have you noticed how many roadside “small puppies for sale” setups there are in Utah? It seems like every green chunk of lawn at the shopping centers have them. Makes me crazy.

  5. Personally I like your, “β€œwell you’re an idiot then, don’t breed your dog.” But I realize that may not go over too well.LOL After we talked I was kinda thinking I may just let a simple “no thanks” type of answer suffice. Sometimes it’s not worth it to get into too many details. Magnus and I had a blast at fly ball, thanks for asking us!

  6. In malaysia, most breeders don’t do 1,2,and 4.
    There are no certified hip or elbow testers here but it’s always good to get xrays done, although most people don’t do it. Breeders haven’t even heard of heart testing!
    They don’t research into their lines. Most just breed from their own stock. Others just find random studs that claim to be from ‘champion lines’ therefore will produce ‘champion pups’ but I can tell you how disgusted I am everytime I look at them.
    And contracts – dont even think about it! No breeder will ever take back a dog from you, not even the most responsible one!

  7. Maybe what people need is education on how to go about breeding – it is not a simple step. It needs research and careful consideration. I get annoyed when they ask me if I want to breed my dog… I don’t think he’d have a problem with it (lol) I feel like asking them “Why stop there? Would you like to have sex with any other member of my family?!??” Maybe it’s just me.. πŸ™‚

  8. I think you should print up your questions on the back of a business card. On the front, come up with a logo and a a name, something like Responsible Breeders United. Give the idiot a card a card and walk away. Question five is relevant. Euthanasia of pure breeds is directly the fault of the breeder and they should be held responsible.

  9. Patty that is an awesome idea!!!! I could even put a domain name on it with some breeding ideas. πŸ™‚ Oooooo

  10. I totally get where you are coming from, I have a brother who did a bunch of breeding with his weineriemers, got some cute pictures-which is why you have litters, to have cute picture taking opportunities you know, and was able to show his kids the miracle of birth…ahhhhh…..then “rehomed” the dogs when they were no longer breeding….just like he has rehomed a lot of other dogs that he did not take time to train and then was unhappy with their behavior. So now he has a sheltie he PROUDLY tells me he is going to have a litter with, we are looking around for a stud (i.e. any dog that is intact….no worries about any physical qualities or temperment, etc) I ask him WHY he thinks she is worthy of breeding….well, she has a great coat, prettiest coat he has had on a sheltie. Who needs health tests or genetic screening? OOOOH AS long as he has standards…..;-(. My family seems to firmly believe that purebred dogs never end up in shelters, just pit bulls and mutts. It drives me crazy aftr doing so much rescue work and having fostered and worked in the shelters and just seeing how so many dogs live. It is hard when it is family, I usually have to just hang up the phone and not talk about it, I have talked until I am blue in the face and it just causes fights.. no changes. I did have an incident a few years ago, I fished a Westie out of the pound as he was about to be put to sleep so I took him to foster and find a home, I had just got him home and was walking him and a neighbor is driving by, she eeekes her car to a stop and shoves her ugly little white mix breed purse dog out the window and says she wants to breed the dog could she breed to this dog,……and then asks what breed he is. OMG, I said well, this dog just got out of the pound, he was almost put down because there are two many irresponsible people producing dogs without knowing what they are doing….so no!!!. It was priceless because I had the proof right there at the end of my leash.

  11. It is just like this morning, I am looking through Craigslist and there is an ad of a person looking for a “boyfriend” for their doshound!!! Can’t even spell the breed correctly, but wants to breed her!!!!!!

  12. I know how to spell dachshund, just was showing you how they had it spelled!!! just in case anyone was wondering! LOL

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