Getting Ready for Agility


This weekend we have a 2 day ASCA agility trial. Should be fun. Chase and I are ready, since we had fun at DOCNA and the courses are similar. Nice and wide open with lots of room for Chase to stretch out and extend over jumps. It’s what he’s good at. 🙂 Maybe we’ll be lucky and get some ATCh points while we are at it. I even forgot if he’s got all his Elite titles in ASCA. I don’t think he has his Elite Gambler’s title, but I think he’s got his Elite Jumpers and Elite Standard… but I’m not positive. I need to go look.

I also have Tatum entered. She’s in standard both days, in novice. Though she’s in exhibition only (I think that’s what it’s called) so she can jump 4″ lower than she is supposed to. It’s not titling. But I gotta keep getting her out or she goes and reverts to scardey dog. She’ll have fun. The funnest part is she’ll have to weave! Her weaves are coming along very well. Today in the yard she got 6 polls without guides each time I sent her through. So I hope she gets them at the trial!

I gotta find a good water bowl since mine melted… bleh. Maybe I need to find a distributor water filter website that might have a good water bowl on it! Ugh

So anyway I hope we get some Qs! And some ATCh points!

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