Agility Today with Chase and Tatum

Well Agility was interesting today. 🙂 Chase got no Qs. Which is kinda odd, he usually gets at least one. So I’m not going to post any of his runs.

I’ll post one of Tatum’s runs! She is such a good girl. She is in Exhibition in ASCA, so it’s a non-qualifying class. So that just means we can go and do whatever, but of course we want to do as much as the course as we can. I put her in that so that she can jump 16″. Otherwise she would have to jump 20″. I don’t want her to jump 20″ because she is not built very well.

So here is her Gambler’s run:

And here is her Standard run:

My girl has come such a long way. She did her weaves correctly each time! And I didn’t have to lead her through at all. She just did them on her own! She still isn’t too great on the teeter the first time though, she doesn’t really listen and know it’s the teeter. But she isn’t afraid of it. And she loves the A-Frame. I had her do her lie-down after the A-Frame just for consistency. So that I am the same in training as I am in trialing.

Tatum is entered again tomorrow too! She’ll be in Jumpers and Standard again. She is pretty tired tonight, and after this weekend she’ll need a Branson vacation to relax! But she’ll deserve it, she’s doing so well. I’m considering putting her in an AKC trail in January too, where she can jump 16″ in preferred and maybe even Q!

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