Levi Likes Little Beds

Levi In the Little Bed
Levi In the Little Bed
Levi In the Little Bed

Levi is a goon. He’s one of the most jealous dogs I’ve ever met. Granted, it’s my fault, since I’ve spoiled him rotten since the day I got him. And now, with Jet, Levi is even more jealous. Jet gets to do all the things Levi did before he (Levi) was officially retired. I’m considering taking Levi Tracking to give him something to do. He needs something to do so he doesn’t sit home all day and chew on his front leg in frustration. UGH, poor Levi.

So everything that Jet has, Levi wants. Including this little bed. Tatum will fit in this bed too, but Levi just does not fit at all. LOL. This bed was a hand-me-down gift from a friend when her Malinois outgrew it. According to Levi, though, it’s just fine for a big dog. LOL. Even though Levi is probably squishing it too much and will flatten it out. Though maybe he’ll like a little bed for Christmas, when he can snuggle in, maybe watch some C7 led christmas lights twinkle in the darkness.

So anyway, Levi is a goon, but I still adore him. Yup, tracking for Levi, maybe we’ll even start tomorrow!

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