A Little Drawing

Well just because I thought it would be something fun to do, I drew a little picture of Jet using Paintbrush, the little drawing software program on my Mac.

Granted, it’s not very good! LOL I want to be able to draw, but sometimes I’m really not very good at it. Sometimes? Okay, most all the time. Once in a while I can take pencil to paper and come up with something half way decent. But the computer stuff really baffles me. I would love to take a graphic design class someday when I have a lot of time, but that day will probably never come to pass.

So here’s a little picture for your entertainment. LOL

3 thoughts on “A Little Drawing”

  1. It’s cute! Just keep practicing and you’ll improve over time. If you don’t have time to take a class, there are lots of great books on graphic design (I’m a graphic designer, and I’m always reading design books to keep myself from getting in a rut).

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