Front and Rear Crosses

Jet in a Bed
Jet in a Bed
Jet in a Bed

Well I’ve been wondering about how to train good Front and Rear crosses with Jet. I have had the opportunity to watch Stacy Peardot-Goudy’s Front and Rear Cross DVD and I really, really like it a lot! I would encourage everyone to watch it who is wondering about agility crosses.

Anyway, Chase and Levi always had pretty darn good rear crosses, if I do say so myself. However, I never really trained Chase to collect properly for them. So even though he can cue off my rear cross quite well, he doesn’t collect and turn very well for the crosses when he’s at speed. Levi.. well, he never really had any speed so it wasn’t an issue. LOL

As for front crosses with Chase… well, I avoid them. I’m very rarely ahead of him enough to front cross him. And I’ve never really felt comfortable with front crossing him anyway. Even when I was doing agility with Levi, I tended to rear cross Levi a lot more than I would front cross him. So I guess it’s just something I’m more comfortable with.

I’ve learned my lesson with Chase, though, and teaching him collection… which I didn’t do. So Jet, being my third serious agility dog, I’m going to teach him collection and crosses… even better than what Chase and Levi ever had. And I’m going to follow Stacy’s DVD. And so here is a little video I made of Jet doing some basic beginning crossing training today. He’s doing pretty darn good. You might not really understand the details unless you watch Stacy’s video.

Basically on the front crosses, I want him to turn and come right to me. I don’t want him to extend out further than me when he’s jumping. I want him to collect and turn before and over the jump and keep the bar up. I think he’s doing pretty good.

As for the rear, I was using a toy and should have had a treat toss bag instead of just a toy. I’ll do that next time. For now, he’s turning away from me pretty well. I’ll be watching this video more and more to see how he’s collecting and turning and if he’s really getting the idea to do what I want.

I want to have nice tight turns, good collection, and smooth side changes. No awful colon cleanse type turning for Jet like I have with Chase. LOL

I also threw in some weave video… he’s doing so well with his weaves! I’m starting to proof the entries, that’s mainly why I have the guides on. I think I should be really fading the guides, though, so that I proof the weaves without the guides. I’ll do that next time!

So here’s the video:

4 thoughts on “Front and Rear Crosses”

  1. His weaves are looking GREAT! I don’t think I’ve seen video of him weaving before. Nice work!

    Thanks for the recommendation of that Stacey video. I think I’ll add it to my wish list.

  2. I love watching videos of Jet! He’s looking really good. I love that you sound so happy during training and you are obviously both having fun. I can’t wait to join the farmdog family!

  3. I like the Linda M. jumping foundation articles in Clean Run for teaching jumping and collection, looks very similar to what Jet is doing in your first steps, I also just happened across Sylvia Turkmans cik/cap video I bought off the internet–and am really excited about trying it. It teaches the dogs how to turn their body super tight and is a cue you give before a dog commits to a jump that means to go out, find a jump-indicated by your body language and tightly jump left or right….it does not mean turn tight and come back so it helps with distance skills and it looks fun. The weaves look awesome!

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