Flyball Weekend at Jumps N Jackpots

Ky on the Box

Ky on the Box
Ky on the Box
We are going to the last flyball tournament of the year this weekend. Leaving Friday (today), coming back Monday. I really don’t have enough leave to take all of Monday off work, but when I get back on Monday I’m going to be so tired that I probably won’t have enough energy to log into work and work, anyway. Oh well, I’ll give it a good try, anyway.

Chase will have fun doing flyball again. And Jet… well, I’m amazed at my boy. At flyball practice last week he was doing so well. He was going over all four jumps, down and back. Getting the ball off the box and bringing it to me. He was staying focused and didn’t even want to go and visit with the other dogs in the next lane. Foundation work… worth it’s weight in gold. Which is a dumb thing to say since it has no weight. LOL. Oh well, you know what I mean. I might have to post about the importance of Foundation Work!

So off we go to Flyball. Will be fun. Not sure if I’ll get video or not, watching dogs race gets kinda old after a while. And these dogs are so fast, they don’t need any male enhancement, or any other kind of enhancements, because they just love what they do!

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