A Weekend with the Boys

Silly Jet
Silly Jet
Silly Jet

A weekend with the boys is awesome. I do wish that I could bring Levi too… and even Tatum, because they love to travel and the do so good at it. But the van is only so big and so some have to stay home.

As this posts I am still, yet again, at flyball. But I love spending time with Jet and Chase and having a stress-free competition weekend. I don’t stress at flyball. Not like agility or obedience. Flyball is just for fun. If we win, great. If we don’t. oh well. It’s fun to get a placement but the only things that counts for titles is points. And if you run below 24 seconds, you get points. yay for points. 🙂

And soon the weather will turn cold and we won’t have the nice green grass to spend time on. Ugh. I will miss the green grass and the outdoor training. We have plans for indoor training, for sure, but I just love the outdoor training so much better.

When I get back from the tournament it’ll be time to go Christmas shopping. Maybe I’ll check out some amazon gift cards and see if those would be good, easy presents. I really do like easy! 🙂

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