Jet’s First Flyball!


Okay yeah I’m a nut. 🙂 Jet is not ready to be racing in Flyball… but I’ve been itching to enter him in something. LOL. So on Friday, a fun surprise happened, and they were accepting day of show entries for Singles and Pairs at the U-FLI Flyball Tournament!

Well of course I had to enter him. LOL

So now I’m watching the video and I’m thinking that he’s really hitting the box with his shoulders, and he’s not hitting it with all four feet. So I’m coming up with plans about how to get him to hit with all four feet.

See I’m a strange trainer in that I don’t want a dog super high to do flyball. Nope. I have worked very hard at Jet’s drive shaping and I want him to be able to do a controlled box turn before he gets into high drive to do it. I’m not going to get into that in this post, though. But I may put in some stride regulators, and take out the ball so he get’s more muscle memory of just doing his feet before he combines it with the ball. I plan on setting something up in the back yard and doing some video to see what I can do with him. Hopefully the husband will help.

Anyway the tournament was fun. Chase did awesome and ran fast, he got below a 4.5 seconds heat and I was thrilled. He was start dog. We didn’t get any 000 starts but that’s okay, we got pretty close. 🙂 I love running start dog. Not only does it make me feel special… LOL, I think it’s way easier than passing. Plus you get a really accurate time on your run.

I sure don’t need any after this weekend, since I was on my feet the whole time. I just need a few days to sleep now!


9 thoughts on “Jet’s First Flyball!”

  1. amazing post….Jet did great, i see from the other farmdog video in slow mo how the dog really smacks with the feet the target, sure looked like jet did it but you would know best. This fflyball looks like alot of fun for the dogs and something for them to do in the winter thx for sharing

  2. Congrats Jet on your first flyball. I think that is so neat you know how to train so many different dog sports, flyball fascinates me but I really do not understand anything about how to train it or the most desired performance, Jet is lucky to have a mom that knows so many things!

  3. Way to go Jet! He did amazing, great focus and I love how he seemed to check out his competition while waiting to be released. He’s going to be one awesome flyball dog 🙂

  4. Way to go Jet! We, too, are rookies to flyball and little did we know we may have seen you on Friday. Mom brought us to the tournament to check things out, help setup our teams area and watch a few races.

    We are looking forward to the next tournament, hoping to be ready for our first race.

    See ya soon on the lanes. WOL 🙂 — Brutus & Tytus

    1. Oh my Patti! I may have seen you… I noticed shelties there, and I think how pretty rare shelties are in Flyball. So maybe that was you! I think Shelties would be great for flyball. 🙂

      1. We were only there on Friday…so if you where thinking you had double vision that day, no worries, you just say double trouble known as DeBoys. LOL Maybe next time we will see you on the lanes.

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