Jet’s Singles Race

Jet Singles
Jet Singles
Jet Singles

Well I finally went to the U-FLI website to check out Jet’s scores, and they are there! I just love seeing the numbers on the web sites. 🙂 Jet’s Singles Races are up. His fastest time was 5.193. That’s not really very fast but I think he’ll speed up once he gets the hang of it.

I’m so pleased with my goofy boy. He’s so smart, and he’s doing so well. I’m probably going to enter him in Wildcard Obedience this Saturday too. Even though I still don’t really get Wildcard Obedience… LOL he’s not ready for the real thing yet, but this will give me an idea of what he is ready for and what needs works. I hope to get video of him, too. I know he needs Stand for Exam work. He wants to watch me walk behind him, so he flips his head. And he doesn’t understand that his four feet are supposed to remain stationary and not move. But we’ll figure out how to tell him that’s what we are asking for. He just doesn’t understand yet, but he tries really hard.

Maybe they will have some Casablanca ceiling fans at the trial site… though we won’t need it to be cooled down, since it’s going to be nice and cool outside. Fortunately the show is inside. 🙂

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