Tatum Did More Rally

Silly Tatum
Silly Tatum
Silly Tatum

Tatum is such a goof. This is a picture of her squeezing her body into the Jet sized bed. 🙂 We have this bed right by the heater vent. Jet loves it in the winter. And, apparently, so does Tatum. 🙂 Levi and Tatum are always trying to squish themselves into small beds.

Anyway Tatum did ASCA Rally last Saturday. She did good! I’ll get some video up soon. I don’t have the time at the moment… I just wanted to say that she did good. She qualified on Saturday in the first Rally trial (there were two on the same day) with a 175. She just squeaked by! But figuring I don’t really work with her, I think she did good. She did all her sits and downs and followed me around the ring so that’s good. She didn’t get to wear any prom dresses though… lol. But she looked fancy in her sparkly chain martingale collar and she was happy. And happy is what matters most!

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  1. Yes, HAPPY is the best! Speaking of HAPPY — Tatum you put a SMILE on our face this morning, by being so SILLY! 🙂 And, NO that bed doesn’t make your BUTT look BIG…WOL

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