Happy Thanksgiving


Well to all you’s folk out there that celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a happy day. We just go over to the parental unit’s house and eat and hang out and chat. I wish we could take the dogs with, but it’s really a human holiday and they would probably just be bored anyway. They have other ways of having a good time and celebrating things. And they usually involve pizza’s from Ma and Paws dog bakery. 🙂

I may take the day off training and just rest up. I have been feeling pretty rotten lately. I plug along and go to work and train when I can. And I don’t like to complain here. I complain on my other blog, Luna Tail. And I talk about stuff like the best acne products over there too. 🙂 I keep this blog to dog stuff and play and training as much as I can. But I thought I’d plop in a Thanksgiving post just to say that I hope everyone has a good day!

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving ;-), we had a quiet one but it was nice ad we had not planned on shopping on black friday but I did some pretty good power shopping today! LOL

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