Levi got his ASCA RN


I’m very proud of my 11 year old boy,  Levi.  When I ran him through this Rally course, I thought he was being goofy. But as usual, the video always looks better to me than it feels.

I think he really was watching me a lot! I’m so proud of him. He got 3 Rally Novice Legs in ASCA for his ASCA-RN. He’s a good old boy. He had fun going out with his mom and working again. And he’s also liking the K9 Nose Work too. I think it’s perked him up a bit. I wonder if he’s been a bit depressed since he hasn’t been able to go out much. But lately he’s gone out quite a bit!

I should make up some holiday cards with my Levi on them. He is such a very handsome boy!


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