Lucy Had a Non-Seizure


Our Lucy will be 12 years old in February. Last night when I was at flyball practice, I guess she had an episode of some kind. I wasn’t home but my husband was. And he was pretty upset I didn’t answer my phone. I’m so bad… I carry my phone, but I hardly ever check it. And I miss a lot of calls and texts. I didn’t know about it until I got home.

He said that she seemed really disoriented and couldn’t stand up. She was like she was uncoordinated. Panting. Nervous, and couldn’t get her feet under her. So we took her to the vet this morning. The vet asked if Lucy was cognizant, and my husband said yes, she seemed to be. So I guess it wasn’t a seizure. I’ve never seen a dog have a seizure before so I really wouldn’t know the difference anyway. A friend suggested maybe she has Vestibular Syndrome, but the vet didn’t think it was likely to be that, either. As Lucy wasn’t really favoring one side all that much. Or turning in circles.

So once again the vet doesn’t know what’s up with Lucy. Lucy is our mystery dog with lots of things wrong with her. We still don’t know why she has megaesophagus. We are just to watch her. And we’ll block her off from any stairs when we aren’t home so she won’t be falling down them and hurting herself.

She also has lots of scabs on her legs and joints and feet. So the vet gave us some antibiotics, thinking she might have some sort of bacterial infection. She’s probably immunocompromised too. Ugh. Our mystery Lucy. I hope she’s okay. We’ll be watching her a lot. This is a picture of her in the snow we got over the weekend. It was a ton. With all the shoveling, we haven’t needed any diet pills that work, since the snow is keeping us working!

3 thoughts on “Lucy Had a Non-Seizure”

  1. I’m so sorry for Lucy. You will know a seizure when you see it though. Our Nala started having seizures and the first one scared the cr*p out of me, but there was no question what was happening. I hope Lucy doesn’t go through those, it’s a terrible thing to watch and not be able to help in anyway…

  2. I sure wish that they had been able to give you a more concrete answer about what happened with Lucy. It’s so frustrating to deal with unknowns.

  3. Aw, poor girl, and poor you guys — that must have been scary. She’s so lucky to have you guys take the best care of her.

    Lisa from muttsandaklutz

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