Levi’s Second K9 Nose Work Class

Levi's Nose
Levi's Nose
Levi's Nose

Well I’m proud to say that Levi did better this last week at his K9 Nose Work Class! My working him at home with the boxes paid off. Instead of barking at the instructor… he went and sniffed through the boxes instead! He looked at her a couple of times, a bark or two might have escaped him, but other than that he understood the importance of the boxes and concentrated on them.

I’m proud of him. I wasn’t going to be embarrassed two weeks in a row! 😉 He just needed to understand what we were doing. Get some value in those boxes. And he did great. She sometimes put the odor box next to a wall, or the pillar in the middle of the room, or another box, and that did trip the dogs up. Interesting how that happens. I will do that at home this week too. I’ve been working it with all the dogs and they have been having a great time finding the treats in the boxes. Of course, now I can’t leave any box around at all, or it’ll be victim to the dogs seeing if there are treats inside! But that’s okay. We don’t usually leave anything around anyway.

Next week we’ll be half way through the six week class. I’d like to continue, but I don’t know if I can afford it. We’ll see. It’s worth it to get Levi out again so he feels important. He’s been too jealous lately of the younger dogs.  He used to be my main companion and competition dog.  So this really gives him something fun to do!

4 thoughts on “Levi’s Second K9 Nose Work Class”

  1. That is neat Levi has a new job, I bet that does a heck of a lot for his mood. Glad you had a really good class, it sounds like so much fun……Kathy with Liz/Breeze/Cricket

  2. Yay for Levi! Our training place is getting ready to start some scent classes and I’m pretty excited about it. It sounds like so much fun!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. Yeah, great to see the homework pay off! I agree, funny how doing weird things can really trip the dogs up, hehe.

    Lisa from muttsandaklutz

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